Fantage Dictionary

An up-to-date Dictionary to help you to understand the language of other fantagians 🙂

ajzz = a*s
fyq = f**k
bit ouo ch = bitch :^)
lol = lots of love/laugh out aloud
!mao = laugh my a*s off (lmao)
sys = see you soon
cya = see you soon
u = you
ur = your
gtg = got to go
ihy = I hate you
ily = I love you
ihysm = I hate you so much
ilysm = I love you so much
imy = I miss(ed) you
imysm = I miss(ed) you so much
ikr = I know right
idk = I don’t know
wyd = what you doing / what are you doing
r = are
wru = where are you
vip = very important person
wb = welcome back
weba = welcome back
wgtf = what the f**k
ttyl = talk to you later
tyt = take your time
ty = thank you
fjs/fs = for sale
fjt/ft = for trade
nfjs/nfs = not for sale
nfjt/nft = not for trade
dt = downtown
rofl = rolling on the floor laughing
kjs = kiss
kms = kill myself
kys = kill yourself
bae = babe
ceox = se* (uhm -,-)
kewl = cool
dam = damn
xD = sideways laughing face (I think almost everyone knows that)
Dx = sideways dead face (if I’m right , CLAP)
gf = girlfriend
stfu = shut the f**k up
okai = okay
bai = bye
np = no problem
yw = your welcome
thnx = thanks
thx = thanks
idc = I don’t care
ids = I don’t see
TnT = crying / sad
TuT = crying and being cute (lmao)
bff = best friends forever (YOU ALL KNOW THAT)
tbh = to be honest
btw = by the way
wbu = what about you
hbu = how about you
brb = be right back
ootd = outfit of the day
JK = just kidding
stu ouo pid = stupid
idijot = idiot
nvm = never mind
nm = nothing much
srry = sorry
sry = sorry
sowwie = sorry
welp = help
hwi = hi

You all might have wondered why people say awesome and fun and hello…… actually when we write uqly or iqly , if the text shows it turns into awesome in the same way if we write FUN it turns into fun if it shows and if we write HELLO it turns into hello if it shows.. people use awesome , fun and hello to make their text show .. okay that’s all *-*



Fantage new event “Happy Holidays 2016”

New holiday event 2016 part 1 (12/15 – 12/21). 
fantage recently released a new event .. with ‘Rescue Elfie’ like Rescue Rudolph, You get snowflakes when u find elfie and  can trade the snowflakes for items.
The medal level for non-members is 10 and for members it is 20.

Rescue Elfie Places :
Watching a fashion show – Top Models
Lotus in a pond – forest near creature area
Baloons – carnival
Ferris wheel – carnival
Using a calculator – School 123 Room
Pumpkin – Costume Shop
Michelle owns this place – Le Shop
British Officer – Castle
DJ – The palm (at the right corner of the beach)
Stage – The Palm
Buying Emoticons – IDFone Shop
Wearing a lipstick – stellar salon
Pixie and Soapie Stan – QBlast
Roulette – Lucky Bob’s
Brick Set – Top Models
Newest Building in Fantage – Clubhouse
Mouse – Castle
Soda Machine – Cafeteria of School
With Gimzo – Qblast
Lipstick and Eye Shadows – Stellar Salon
Shark – Beach
Saxophone – Music Room in School
Cubes and Laser – QBlast
Crystal Ball – Orion’s rare finds
Chalkboard and an Apple – School Room ABC
Lily the Blue Fairy – Grotto
Crossroad – Uptown near bonus level medals
Waiter –  Cruise Ship Restaurant
Helicopter – Mt fantage Mountain
School Bell –  School First Floor
Near hot springs(sptings) – Spa
Cabin – Mt Fantage(besides boxy)
Colors and Themes – Top Models
Reporters – Comet & Co
Near the scoreboard – School gym
Chess –  School Second Floor
Air hockey – arcade
Warm and Relaxing – Spa
Shell Motivated Building – Spa
Swimsuits – High Tide
Animal Footprints – Pet Academy
Agents – Mission Center
Coffee – Star Cafe
Drums – Fantage School Music Room
Campfire – Mt Fantage
Two Seagulls – Lighthouse Top Floor
Fantage Legends – Hall of Fame third Floor
Water Slide – Cruise Ship
Buying swimsuits – High tide
Puzzles – Arcade
Clock tower – between le shop and stellar salon
Buying moodies – Idfone shop
Poison – Lighthouse Basement (secret lab)
Dying his hair – Stellar salon
Safehouse – beach near the palm
Trendsetter – Hall of fame 1st floor.

that’s all of the hints I’ve gotten.