Fantage new event “Happy Holidays 2016”

New holiday event 2016 part 1 (12/15 – 12/21). 
fantage recently released a new event .. with ‘Rescue Elfie’ like Rescue Rudolph, You get snowflakes when u find elfie and  can trade the snowflakes for items.
The medal level for non-members is 10 and for members it is 20.

Rescue Elfie Places :
Watching a fashion show – Top Models
Lotus in a pond – forest near creature area
Baloons – carnival
Ferris wheel – carnival
Using a calculator – School 123 Room
Pumpkin – Costume Shop
Michelle owns this place – Le Shop
British Officer – Castle
DJ – The palm (at the right corner of the beach)
Stage – The Palm
Buying Emoticons – IDFone Shop
Wearing a lipstick – stellar salon
Pixie and Soapie Stan – QBlast
Roulette – Lucky Bob’s
Brick Set – Top Models
Newest Building in Fantage – Clubhouse
Mouse – Castle
Soda Machine – Cafeteria of School
With Gimzo – Qblast
Lipstick and Eye Shadows – Stellar Salon
Shark – Beach
Saxophone – Music Room in School
Cubes and Laser – QBlast
Crystal Ball – Orion’s rare finds
Chalkboard and an Apple – School Room ABC
Lily the Blue Fairy – Grotto
Crossroad – Uptown near bonus level medals
Waiter –  Cruise Ship Restaurant
Helicopter – Mt fantage Mountain
School Bell –  School First Floor
Near hot springs(sptings) – Spa
Cabin – Mt Fantage(besides boxy)
Colors and Themes – Top Models
Reporters – Comet & Co
Near the scoreboard – School gym
Chess –  School Second Floor
Air hockey – arcade
Warm and Relaxing – Spa
Shell Motivated Building – Spa
Swimsuits – High Tide
Animal Footprints – Pet Academy
Agents – Mission Center
Coffee – Star Cafe
Drums – Fantage School Music Room
Campfire – Mt Fantage
Two Seagulls – Lighthouse Top Floor
Fantage Legends – Hall of Fame third Floor
Water Slide – Cruise Ship
Buying swimsuits – High tide
Puzzles – Arcade
Clock tower – between le shop and stellar salon
Buying moodies – Idfone shop
Poison – Lighthouse Basement (secret lab)
Dying his hair – Stellar salon
Safehouse – beach near the palm
Trendsetter – Hall of fame 1st floor.

that’s all of the hints I’ve gotten.